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Are you paying your competition?

Are you paying your competition when it comes to FX wires? In most cases, the answer is, yes. Community banks and Credit Unions are often chosen by customers who prefer the personalized attention they receive in a boutique environment; they are trusted partners to local businesses or want to support community-focused efforts. However, these smaller institutions sometimes lack the technology and resources to offer the same range of services as larger institutions. As a result, they may have to provide these services at a loss to meet their client's expectations and keep them satisfied. Consequently, these financial institutions end up paying excessive fees to big banks to facilitate cross-boarder wire transfers, effectively supporting their competition instead of sustaining their own business.

Big banks have maintained a monopoly in the international payment's space, charging exorbitant fees to community banks and credit unions and those they serve.

  • Larger institutions are taking advantage of community banks and credit unions. 
  • Wire rooms of most community banks and credit unions are considered cost centers due to the burdensome nature of the process and the substantial fees charged by big banks. 
  • Big banks capitalize on the financial struggles of community banks and credit unions, sometimes acquiring them for significantly less than their actual value. 

Rest assured, there are innovative solutions available that are working to support these smaller institutions with tools and services to keep this non-interest income in-house; community banks and credit unions just have to be educated on these solutions and work with partners they trust and are reputable. Despite the obstacles, community banks, and credit unions continue to strive to serve their customers and maintain their presence in the financial industry. 

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